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How to Quiet RV Air Conditioner: 2 Methods and Additional Tips

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to quiet rv air conditioner

An RV conditioner is essential for comfort until it gets too loud. My RV air conditioner became so loud that I’d rather suffer from the heat sometimes. Then, I did a lot of research, and I discovered a few methods on how to quiet RV air conditioner effectively.

I found out that we can add double reflective insulation or a silencer kit. In addition, we should make sure to check for any loose parts and clean the AC regularly.

Learn more details about these methods below.

Table of Contents

Method 1: Add Insulation


Why is my RV AC so loud? One of the main reasons is poor insulation inside the box, especially for Dometic RV AC models. This particular method won’t only make your RV air conditioner quieter, but it will also produce more cold air efficiently.

What To Prepare

  • Double reflective insulation, about 5-½ inches tall
  • Foil tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Knife
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take The RV AC Apart

To quiet down a Dometic RV air conditioner, we’ll be opening it and taking all the tape out. Turn off the power for safety before you go ahead.

  • First, take off the filter and vent cover. You might see a series of screws. Remove them with a screwdriver.
  • There might be some screws hiding underneath the tabs. Pop the tabs open with a knife and remove the screws with a screwdriver.
  • Finally, use a wrench to take out the four long bolts that hold the entire AC on the roof.
  • Pull the metal mounting plate out and let it hang loosely. You don’t need to undo any of the wirings.
  • Rip all of the foil tapes inside the AC unit, keeping the two overlapping sheet metals on the baffle intact.

Step 2: Retape The AC

For the next step, we’ll be installing a new foil tape into the box. We’ll be covering all the corners, sides, and around the ducts to cool more efficiently.

  • Cut a tiny portion of the foil tape and fold it lengthwise. Apply the folded tape starting in the corners.
  • Secure everything down and rip the remaining tape off. There’s no need to use a scissor because the tape rips off cleanly by hand.
  • After all the corners are taped down, use scissors to cut the foil into long horizontal strips.
  • Apply the horizontal strips all the way around, paying much attention to the ducts. If you have rubber roof flaps, leave them hanging loose.

Step 3: Apply Double Reflective Insulation

Now, it’s time to prepare the double reflective insulation. We’ll be lining the entire box with double reflective insulation.

  • Cut strips of 5-½ inches of double reflective insulation with scissors. Make a little tab to fold into the duct and some slits for the wires.
  • Tape the reflective strips over the foil tape, covering all corners and surfaces. Carefully tape the insulating material around the ducts.
  • Tape the rubber roof flaps over the insulating material.

Step 4: Insulate The Baffle

When the box is fully insulated, let’s pay attention to the baffle where it separates the hot from the cold air.

  • Remove the two pieces of foam tapes on the baffle. Replace the foams with the double reflective insulating material.
  • Apply the reflective insulating tape on the other side of the baffle. At this point, both sides of the baffle are covered with insulating tape.
  • Next, cover the dump port with the reflective insulation to get the RV air conditioner noise reduction. Tape it on the mounting plate, from both inside and underside.

Step 5: Put The Parts Back Together

Once all the tapes are redone, it’s time to put the metal mounting plate and trim cover back into their place.

  • Get the metal mounting plate back into the AC unit with the four long bolts using the wrench.
  • As an extra, tape off the joints and near the top of the baffle to prevent the cold air from blasting straight into the warm air return.
  • Finally, snap the tabs off on the trim cover using the knife, then reinstall into the AC unit. We don’t want the tabs to poke through the dump port that we have blocked.

Method 2: Use An RV AC Silencer


An easy way to quiet an RV AC is to use a silencer kit. Take note that it will only work for ducted ACs, and there are specific models for each AC brand.

What To Prepare

  • A quiet kit for RV air conditioner, like WackO. This includes a cover with a dampening silencer, electrostatic filter, and necessary hardware.
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Install The Parts


The first part of this process is to install the parts- foam, extension kit, and black base plate.

  • Using a screwdriver, take out the screws to remove the cover and the base plate.
  • Once they’re out of the way, get the little piece of foam and remove the sticky backside. Tape it to the middle part of the exposed AC unit
  • Attach the black base to the extension kit and screw them into the AC unit. Do the first two screws loosely, then go around to line up the holes.
  • Insert all the screws and tighten them down, but not too much that it’s going to strip the holes.

Step 2: Apply Foil Tape And Filter


You might notice that there’ll be four large screws left. You’ll need to screw them loosely to fit in the filter easily.

  • Put the large screws on each bottom corner of the black base plate. Screw them very loosely, leaving around ½-inch of thread sticking out.
  • Apply foil tape all around the window area of the base plate. Use as much as you can to prevent air leaks.
  • After taping it off, insert the screw holes of the filter onto the protruded large screws. Pull it forward to lock it into place and tighten the large screws.
  • Finally, install the supplied cover following the same orientation of the base.

Watch how to install a quiet kit in this video.

Additional Tips on How to Quiet RV AC Unit

  • Check for any loose bolts, screws, and rubber gaskets on the AC unit. Tighten bolts and screws or replace a damaged rubber gasket.
  • Keep the AC components clean. Using a vacuum, suck away any dust, dirt, or debris that might have accumulated in the condenser coil.
  • Consider lubricating the joints with a silicone-based lubricant, especially if your AC is installed on the roof.


There are many ways how to quiet RV air conditioner, but the most effective for me is to add insulation or a silencer kit. A silencer kit could be the most convenient as everything you need is included.

If nothing works out, consider replacing your loud RV air conditioner with a whisper-quiet model.

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