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How to Remove a Thetford RV Toilet: 5 Simple & Easy Steps

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to remove a thetford rv toilet

One day, my Thetford toilet stopped flushing, which is one of the most common Thetford toilet problems. So, I decided to replace it with a new one. One crucial step in this process is to know how to remove a Thetford RV toilet.

It’s actually quite easy with a few tools needed. Simply turn off the water supply and remove the bolts holding down the toilet on the floor. Disconnect the water line and pull the toilet straight out.

Learn the exact process below.

Table of Contents

What to Prepare


  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket with extension
  • Clothn

Step-By-Step Instructions


Step 1: Find Out What Thetford Model You Have

Thetford offers several models of RV toilets to suit different needs. Determine which model your toilet belongs to, so you’ll know the proper way of removal.

  • A Thetford C200 toilet features a swivel feature which allows you to free up space. This semi-portable toilet is distinctly known for its contoured shape that shakes off shower water to prevent leaking problems. You can remove it by detaching the screws and the filler tube housing.
  • A C250 includes a wheeled waste holding tank for easy waste disposal. To take the cassette out, close the blade at the bottom of the toilet first.
  • An Aqua Magic toilet is a permanently installed unit with an easy-to-use flush system and large waste tank capacity. Depending on the model, there will be two closet bolts and nuts or closet flange bolts that secure the toilet to the floor.

If you’re uncertain about the toilet model, look for a data sticker on the toilet’s base under the waste holding tank. Once you know the exact model you have, refer to its Thetford toilet repair manual for instructions.

Step 2: Shut The Water Supply Off

Before you remove an RV toilet without a hitch, disconnect the water supply. You may refer to your RV’s manual for detailed instructions.

  • Find the switch of the water pump and turn it off. You’ll find it near the RV entrance or kitchen sink. This will stop the water supply temporarily.
  • Close the valve that connects you to the city water.
  • Open your sink and drain the pressure down off your camper.
  • Turn off the fresh water tank as well. You don’t want to pump the water out when you remove a camper toilet.

Step 3: Remove The Nuts And Bolts

Thetford toilets are installed on the floor with nuts and bolts. Look for all the hardware that holds the toilet down. For the Aqua Magic Galaxy, one bolt is located at the back of the foot pedal and a second one is behind the toilet.

  • Depress the foot pedal to access the first nut and remove it with a wrench.
  • Lift the seat cover and take off the access hole cover with a screwdriver. Using an extension with a socket, remove the second nut.

Here’s a video to show you an easy Thetford RV toilet removal process.

Step 4: Pull The Toilet Out

Now that you’ve taken out all the nuts and bolts, it’s time to remove the RV toilet from the floor. This is very easy to do since the toilet is often lightweight.

  • Hold your breath and lift the toilet off the floor.
  • At this point, the waterline will be dangling. Look for that little nut connecting at the back of the toilet and loosen it by hand. A bit of water might come out, but don’t worry, that’s just fresh water.

Step 5: Set The Old Toilet and Hardware Aside

This is where you’ll decide what to do with the bolts that you’ve taken out from the toilet setup. You can also start preparations for the replacement.

  • New RV toilets usually come with bolts, so you can dispose of the old bolts properly. If your new RV toilet doesn’t come with bolts, you can use the old bolts instead.
  • Clean the floor where the old toilet used to be. Remove any debris to offer a nice preparation for the new RV toilet.
  • It’s ideal to install the new RV toilet immediately, but if you have other things to do, cover the waste hole with a cloth. This will help contain any odor that might leak from the black water tank.


That’s it! You can go ahead with the replacement now that the old toilet is out. You need to know how to remove a Thetford RV toilet so you can do the repairs anytime, anywhere. Just remember to use the right tools above for easy DIY work.

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