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How to Remove a Residential Refrigerator From an RV in 4 Steps

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

how to remove a residential refrigerator from an rv

One day, I discovered that my Whirlpool refrigerator was no longer cooling efficiently. My technician friend told me that the problem was the compressor and that getting it fixed may cost thousands. So, another problem came along: how to remove a residential refrigerator from an RV.

First, remove all power connections- DC, AC, and propane, then take out all the screws holding the fridge down. Slide the fridge out of the shelf, then push it out through the back window.

Let’s delve into more details below.

Table of Contents

What to Prepare


  • Screwdriver
  • Backing wrench
  • Allen hex key
  • For opening the back window: cordless electric screwdriver, step ladder, and scraper or any flat-tipped tool

Step-By-Step Instructions


Step 1: Disconnect All Connections

Disconnecting the fridge means getting access to the back part of the appliance. Thankfully, you can easily do that through the outside access door.

  • Look at the connections that link the fridge to your RV- DC power, AC power, and propane.
  • Now, turn off the power of your fridge. Refer to the wiring diagram where to pull the fuse for your 12-volt DC power.
  • Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet. Then, use a screwdriver to get the AC power connections.
  • Shut off your gas tanks and drain the propane lines. Next, use a backing wrench to unhook the gas line from your fridge.

Step 2: Remove From The Shelf

Once all power connections are gone, it’s time for shelf removal. Remove all the screws holding the fridge in place.

  • Using an Allen hex key, remove the screws from the back. Usually, there are two hex screws at the back of the fridge.
  • On the front, take out the top wood piece and remove the screws that might be holding a large metal plate.
  • Remove the grill at the bottom of the fridge and remove the screws at every corner.
  • After removing all the screws, start to wiggle the fridge out of the opening. It should slide right out easily.

Step 3: Take The Fridge Out Of The RV

It’s almost impossible to fit a residential refrigerator on an RV door, especially if you have a narrow hallway. It will be difficult to pivot the fridge out of the RV door. This is where the back window helps to remove an RV refrigerator.

  • Using an electric screwdriver, remove the screws from the inside to remove the curtain roll and the interior panel of the rear window.
  • Go outside and use a scraper or any flat-tipped tool to pop out the exterior panel of the window. Step on the ladder to reach the topmost area of the back window.
  • Now that the rear part is hollow, you can start bringing the refrigerator close to the hole for easy removal. Look for at least three people to help you in this step.
  • Position the fridge horizontally and try to insert it into the hole. Ask someone to help you push the fridge from the inside and another two to receive the fridge outside.

Step 4: Replace RV Fridge With A New One

Don’t return the window panels just yet. While the back window is still open, make this an opportunity to install a new fridge.

  • Go to the nearest appliance store and choose a new residential RV refrigerator.
  • Insert the new fridge into the hollowed back window. I find it easier to park a pickup truck near the window and stand there to push the fridge inside.
  • With someone catching the fridge inside the RV, push the fridge inside carefully.
  • Once the new fridge has fully made it into the RV, return the window panels back to their place.
  • Plug the new fridge into the same outlet and make all necessary wiring connections. Insulate properly.

Watch how to move the old fridge out of the back window here.

Tips for Removing RV Refrigerator

  • Empty the refrigerator before starting to disconnect the power and moving it out of the RV.
  • Use a cellphone as a little bit of scope to check the screw heads, clearance, and labels of the wires.
  • Dispose of the old fridge properly. You can set a waste service appointment, let it be picked up by your waste collection service, or send it to a recycling center.


I always see a residential refrigerator in RV problems, and I understand why when it’s time to take it out from the camper. As intimidating as it looks, it seems easy how to remove a residential refrigerator from an RV. All it takes is patience and the know-how for all connections.

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