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5 RV Toilet Paper Alternatives That You Should Know

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

rv toilet paper alternatives

Yes, RV toilet paper is a necessity, but it’s pretty expensive when used long-term. Instead of spending more money on food, we’d have to make a large budget allotment just for RV toilet paper. My budget blunder ended when I found some excellent RV toilet paper alternatives.

The best RV toilet paper options are the septic-safe ones, as they break apart just as fast as RV-specific toilet paper. You can also save more money by using bidets, trash cans, and even corn husks.

Let’s explore each alternative more carefully below.

Table of Contents

1. Septic-Safe Toilet Paper


Many RVers recommend RV toilet paper because it won’t clog the toilet even if you flush it. The paper breaks into tiny pieces once it’s exposed to water. However, it’s costly and difficult to find at local stores.

A great alternative to RV-specific toilet paper is a septic-safe tissue roll. Like RV toilet paper, septic-safe rolls break down fast to prevent clogging the sewage and wastewater tank. The best part is that these septic-safe variants are way cheaper and easier to find than RV toilet paper.

An RV safe toilet paper is anything marked as “septic-safe” on the packaging. However, some brands put this label on the product for marketing purposes only. To be sure, do your own RV toilet paper test.

  • Tear away a square of toilet paper.
  • Place that piece of toilet paper in a jar or bowl of water.
  • Leave it submerged for 10-20 seconds.
  • After the time has elapsed, gently shake the jar or whisk the bowl and see the results.
  • If the toilet paper disintegrates into tiny pieces and turns the water cloudy, it’s septic-safe.

Not all brands will break apart at the same rate. Some brands break up pretty well, while others stay intact after getting exposed to water. Among all brands, Angel Soft toilet paper breaks apart very quickly.

The number of plies depends on where you camp. Consider using 1-ply tissue, like the Thetford 20804, if you dry camp to use as little water per flush as possible. A 2-ply tissue roll, like the Charmin Toilet Paper 99862, does well in an RV park where water is more accessible.

When septic-safe toilet paper runs out in your favorite camper store, don’t panic. You can check other places instead. Try looking at discount shops and retailers like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart.

2. Bamboo Toilet Paper


An environment-friendly alternative to RV toilet paper is a roll of bamboo toilet paper. These tissue rolls are 100% biodegradable, making them easy to break down in the toilet. They’re septic-safe, so say goodbye to clogged pipes and septic systems.

Most of these tissue rolls have a 3-ply construction to provide incredible strength. They’re also soft in tender areas and gentle for sensitive skin. Unlike other toilet papers, bamboo doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.

However, most bamboo comes from China. When you consider the transportation mode, it makes the product more carbon-intensive.

Our Recommended Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • The Cheeky Panda: Everything about this product is eco-friendly, including the packaging without plastic. This toilet paper tends to disintegrate well and won’t leave any particles behind.
  • Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue: These rolls are some of the best cleaning toilet papers with no lint and high absorbency power.
  • NooTrees Bamboo Bathroom Tissue: These tissues are incredibly sturdy, and the inside roller even works well in a good craft project.

3. Regular Toilet Paper


When you can’t find appropriate toilet paper for campers, use any type of toilet paper available. You can also turn to other forms of paper, like paper napkins, if you have no other options. Some of these papers might be too rough, so consider soaking them first.

Apart from that, you’ll want to prepare a trash can to hold all the dirty paper. It may sound inconvenient, but it’s better than clogging your black tank with toilet tissue.

Here are some tips to make the trash can sanitary.

  • Cover the interior with any plastic bag to prevent soiling the trash can and allow for easy disposal.
  • Spray some air freshener in the can’s surrounding area to remove the nasty odor and keep the bathroom smelling clean.

Once you have found proper toilet paper for RV, hide the trash can under your sink. You’ll never know when the next crisis will happen.

4. Bidet/Peri Bottles


If you want to cut down your toilet paper usage significantly, install a bidet in your recreational vehicle. These clean-up tools tend to be more hygienic than toilet paper because they thoroughly rinse your bum from any fecal matter. The older models separate from the toilet, while newer ones can be installed on the toilet seat.

The problem with this setup is you have to cut into the wall as the bidet sticks out a few inches. You may also need to modify the plumbing and ensure that the chosen bidet fits in your toilet.

If you want portability, opt for a squeeze bottle that you see at the hospitals. Also known as a peri bottle, this equipment cleans your sensitive area with soothing liquid.

A good upgrade is a rechargeable bidet that works like a regular handheld bidet sprayer but draws water from a bucket.

Now, there’s an issue about sanitation regarding the use of bidets. Never touch the nozzle to your skin because some virus might be present. For safety, clean and rinse the nozzle regularly.

Watch this video on how to install a bidet seat in your RV toilet properly.

5. Corn Husk


It may sound funny, but you can use a corn husk to substitute an RV toilet paper. Corn husks have been used for many centuries this way. Surprisingly, they feel soft on sensitive areas and are quite efficient at cleaning.

Technically, a freshly eaten cob will feel more gentle. If only dried husks are available, soak them in water before use.

Aside from corn husks, here are some other plants to substitute for RV toilet paper.

  • Leaves: Broad leaves from lamb’s ear, bananas, and other trees can make an excellent wipe savior in survival scenarios. Be mindful of what leaves you put in your bum, though, because you might end up with poisonous plants, like water hemlock and white snakeroot.
  • Moss: Naturally soft, moss makes a gentle substitute for toilet paper. These plants contain iodine, which also helps fight bacteria.

After use, throw these plants in the trash bin and dispose of them properly. The good news is that you contribute to compost when using these natural products.


That wraps up our list of RV toilet paper alternatives. All of the products above make a nice substitute for RV toilet paper because they’re economical. They also help you reduce your dependency on camper products during survival or crises.

Let us know your favorite substitute for RV toilet paper in the comment section below. Please share this article with your friends if you find it helpful.

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