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RV Toilet Paper Vs Septic Safe: Which One Suits You Better?

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

rv toilet paper vs septic safe

The last thing you need when RVing is to have a clogged RV toilet. Imagine the horror of poking around through the black tank valve. Generally, one culprit of this clogging problem is toilet paper.

RV toilet paper vs septic safe paper, which is a better option to avoid clogs?

RV toilet paper provides you with peace of mind as it’s designed to dissolve quickly in the black tank. On the other hand, septic-safe tissues disintegrate just as fast as the special RV ones at a lower price.

Let’s learn more about these two types of toilet paper below.

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About RV Toilet Papers


RV toilet papers are specially made to disintegrate fast to prevent clogging your black tank and sewage system. They’re made from biodegradable materials, making them tank-friendly and eco-friendly.

Using RV-specific toilet paper ensures peace of mind. Unlike regular toilet paper, RV toilet paper breaks down easier and faster once exposed to water. When you protect your waste tank from any messy clogs, you can save repair costs and potential headaches.

However, these products may cost higher than regular rolls because they’re RV-specific.

Our Top Recommendations:

  • Grentay RV Toilet Paper: This 3-ply tissue is super soft yet strong. It’s free of chemicals, like fragrances and dye, making it safe for health and the environment.
  • Roadstead RV Toilet Paper: This 2-ply roll works excellently for RVs and feels good in the most sensitive areas. It’s surprisingly soft and dissolves well in the toilet for easy flushing.
  • Firebelly RV Toilet Tissue: This 2-ply tissue is thick so that you can use less of it at once. It’s relatively comfortable to use and individually wrapped for compact storage.

See more about the list of the other top-rated RV toilet paper here!

About Septic Safe Toilet Paper for RV

There are many types of toilet paper marked as “septic safe.” This label indicates that the toilet paper will dissolve quickly. It also means that the paper contains no chemicals that could harm the components of your wastewater tank.

Septic-safe rolls are made from different materials, like wood fibers, cotton, and bamboo.

Is Septic Safe Toilet Paper Ok for RV?


Yes, it’s generally safe to use a septic-safe tissue because it dissolves in the black tank just as well as RV toilet papers. You’ll want to make sure that a product’s truly septic safe, though. Look at the packaging and find a label that says so.

If you want to use less water, opt for a biodegradable septic-safe option.

Our Top Recommendations

  • Scott 1000 Toilet Paper: Each roll of this 1-ply toilet tissue comes individually wrapped in a pack, which is very secure. It’s thin but sturdy enough to make a good swipe.
  • Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue: These 2-ply sheets are soft and gentle on the skin. We like their dimensional dots because they clean better.
  • Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch: The 2-ply rolls are super plush but very strong in cleaning any residue. Best of all, the rolls are pretty large for more prolonged use.

Comparisons Between RV Toilet Papers and Septic Safe Paper


Now that you know each type of toilet paper, let’s put them head to head.

1. Breakdown Process

Virtually any toilet paper that breaks down to tiny bits is safe for RV. Many regular septic-safe brands break down just as much as RV toilet paper.

If you want to find the best toilet paper for your RV, conduct your own breakdown test.

Step 1: Find empty jars and fill them with water.

Step 2: Submerge each brand of toilet paper you’re planning to use inside the jars.

Step 3: Shake the jar and observe what happens afterwards. The toilet paper that dissolves the quickest is the best for your RV.

Watch this video to know how to conduct an RV toilet paper test.

2. Material And Construction

RV toilet papers and septic-safe ones have almost the same quality. They’re both super soft to protect the most sensitive areas. Also, they’re both chemical-free to prevent damaging your black tank’s interior components.

Another thing that they share in common is their ply construction. Both toilet paper types are typically 1-2 ply to ensure that they dissolve pretty quickly.

Most RV-specific toilet paper is made of biodegradable materials to break down fast. On the other hand, septic-safe toilet rolls can be made of several materials, like plant fibers and recycled materials. You can also find some biodegradable septic-safe options, but they’re more expensive.

3. Price

Camper toilet paper costs twice as much as septic-safe paper. A roll of septic-safe paper goes around half a dollar, while the same amount of toilet papers may cost about $1.25. This means you save more with a septic-safe toilet roll at almost the same quality.

If you must use RV toilet paper, look for 2-3 ply products. You can use fewer sheets at a time, hence extending usage and incurring more savings.

4. Availability

RV toilet papers offer peace of mind, but they can be hard to find at stores. They’re typically available online and in RV stores like Camping World.

On the other hand, you can buy septic-safe tissue rolls much more easily than those special RV toilet papers. These rolls of regular septic-safe tissues are available at any store.

One way to make the search for RV toilet paper easier is to choose one with multiple rolls. A pack may contain as many as 16 rolls, helping you stock up for a weekend trip outdoors.


That ends our comparison of RV toilet paper vs septic safe paper. While RV toilet paper is ideal, it’s more economical to use septic-safe paper. Or if you want other alternatives for RV toilet paper, you will like this guide!

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