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Who Makes Coachmen RV? Get the Facts Here!

Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire

who makes coachmen rv

Recreational Vehicles or RVs make traveling convenient. It is undeniably much better to choose a manufacturer that can ensure superior quality of experience and less hassle – standards that have long been provided by Forest River, the one who makes Coachmen RV.

Along with a wide range of RVs and high-quality components, Coachmen also provides its ability to adapt to the advancement of technology. This is why it is not affected by obsolescence despite being founded decades ago – one of the top causes of a business closure.

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Who Makes Coachmen RV?

Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company which owns Coachmen RV since December 2008, has been the leading brand of Recreational Vehicle manufacturing in the US market.

Coachmen RV was founded by Thomas, Keith, and Claude Corson in 1964. It is a motorhome manufacturer and had its humble beginnings producing travel trailers and camper trucks in its first years.

Currently, it specializes in various utility and cargo trailers, buses, and of course, RVs, among others. It also is proven and tested that Coachmen RV produces long-term coachmen motorhomes with superior quality for a better and more comfortable experience.

Since Forest River owns Coachmen, it is now in its 58 years of providing comfort, reliability, and safety to families and friends in the great outdoors. It is, undoubtedly, one of the pillars of the RV industry.

Overview About Coachmen RV


For almost six decades of providing RVs with reasonable values, Coachmen has successfully sold over 600,000 RVs in total. The integrity and commitment of Coachmen RV manufacturer resulted in achieving and building a premier lineup of RV brands.

Forest River is a famous brand who makes coachmen travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheel, destination trailers, and camping trailers. These five types of RV suit different kinds of trips, camping, and other recreational activities and accommodate different numbers of people and amenities.

Coachmen also provides the following classes of motorhomes:

  • Class A Motorhome – a large RV type with enough space to accommodate 2-8 people for sleeping time, a full kitchen and bathroom, and bigger appliances. This is an RV that is perfect for friend or family trips.
  • Class B Motorhome – the smallest among the classes of motorhomes yet the easiest one to drive. It can only fit 1-2 people, a kitchenette, and other small amenities. This RV is commonly used for short trips and vacations.
  • Class C Motorhome – a type of RV that has an average size and can fit 4-6 people, full kitchenette, more appliances, full bathroom, and entertainment system.

The RVs that coachmen offers are widely available for viewing on the Coachmen RV website, wherein types, features, sizes, and a lot more details are discussed and shown.

Where Are Coachmen RVs Made?

Coachmen RVs are made in Middlebury, Indiana, with over 220 acres allotted for their primary facilities. This location is considered to be the primary coachmen factory. The factory started with only 5,000 square feet.

Currently, the Coachmen industries has extended its operations. They manufacture their camping trailer in Centerville, Michigan, where manufacturing facilities are about 90 acres in size.

The coachmen RV also has 23 acres that serve as the site of the manufacturing facilities for Class A, Class B, and Class C Coachmen Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, and Camping Trailers.

What Brands do Coachmen Make?


Coachmen RV has over 33 brands. These are categorized into five such as the following:

The toy hauler is a type of RV that can easily carry cargo. It features a garage in the rear, creating additional space. The brands under coachmen toy hauler are:

  • Adrenaline
  • Freedom Express Select
  • Catalina Trail Blazer

The fifth wheel, also known as a fiver, is a type of towable RV that suits great for lengthy trips. It can be connected to the user’s vehicle through a U-shaped component. Additionally, it is bigger than travel trailers and is known to be towed and maneuvered easily. The brands under coachmen fifth wheel are:

  • Chaparral
  • Chaparral Lite
  • Chaparral X edition
  • Brookstone

Travel trailers are the most common type of RV. It is another type of towable RV, yet the least expensive most of the time. The brands under coachmen travel trailer are:

  • Northern Spirit XTR
  • Northern Spirit
  • Catalina Expedition
  • Catalina Summit Series 7
  • Catalina Summit Series 8
  • Catalina Legacy Edition
  • Freedom Express Liberty Edition
  • Freedom Express Ultra Lite
  • Freedom Express Select
  • Apex Ultra-Lite
  • Apex Nano
  • Clipper Ultra-Lite

Destination Trailer is referred to as a tiny moving home as it holds amenities better due to its size and quality. The brand under coachmen destination trailer is:

  • Catalina Destinaion Series

Camping Trailers are a smaller type of RV that is not as physically attractive as other RVs yet still serves its purpose of bringing convenience to the user while camping. The brands under coachmen camping trailer are:

  • Clipper, and
  • V-Trec.



Is coachmen a good RV brand?

Yes. Coachmen by Forest River is a famous brand of RV in the US. It offers a wide variety of RVs, with no two models having almost the same features.

Each vehicle they produce and release features unique and high-quality components that make the user’s experience more convenient and worth every penny. It also helps them match their recreational travels and preferences.

How much does a coachmen RV cost?

A brand-new Coachmen RV price ranges from $10,000 to $500,000 since they offer standard and luxurious RVs.

Used RVs are also available with prices around $1,500 to $300,000, which still includes several amenities in good condition.

It is recommended to buy a brand-new Coachmen RV to ensure that high-quality and original parts are still included. This also consists of a parts catalog which can help with further troubleshooting.

How long do coachmen RVs last?

Coachmen RVs are known to last up to fifteen to thirty years if properly maintained and taken care of.

It is recommended to visit the maintenance center at least every 6 months to check for any possible damage to the RV’s exterior and interior parts.

Although Forest River manufactures Coachmen RV with high-quality materials, just like any other vehicle, it depreciates faster if not properly maintained. A coachmen RV can lower its life for around five to ten years only if not well-maintained.


When it comes to RVs, it is best to choose an RV that has been proven and tested for years and decades. This works especially for those who want to avoid having their vacation or trip interrupted by a vehicle problem.

Since now and then, Forest River, the one who makes Coachmen RV, has proven that its popularity is brought by its superior standards and quality in the long-term run.

It is not just a type of vehicle that only works best during its first year since Coachmen RV holds its principle of being dedicated to enriching the customer’s life.

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